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When starting up a business for the first time, one of the things you are going to need to learn is how to get a business loan. While it is certainly more difficult to do this in the modern economy, it is by no means impossible. There are two aspects of getting a good business loan: knowing how to write a strong business proposal, and knowing where to look.

Writing a good business proposal is a bit of an art. You need to start off with a very strong introduction, demonstrating your salesmanship and the charisma of your business. The more strength you are able to demonstrate when starting off, the better off you’ll be. You will also need to provide a detailed analysis of your business’s inner workings, the people who manage the business, and the nature of your business. This should explain to the lender everything that they need to know in order to understand exactly how the business runs. You should also provide a detailed market analysis, showing the demand for the business in the region, the competition and whatever else is necessary to understand how the service is run, as well as a disclosure of your assets. Being able to provide strong proposal is key to how to get a business loan as it should fill the lender with confidence that he will get a strong and reliable return on investment.

With regards to where to go, part of your strategy for how to get a business loan should be to target small banks and credit unions, and possibly the SBA for your financing needs. These organizations are very effective at providing excellent loans sums at low interest rates. You may even want to consider P2P lending if your prospects in that regard seem particularly promising.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/16/2010