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Starting any business can be difficult. There are so many costs and very little money to go around. With no revenue coming in to pay for things, entrepreneurs are left to fend for themselves. The money in savings and from investors can only go so far until there is a need to either put up or shut up.

Many of the startups do not even have an office to work out of. Meetings are held in coffee houses, personal houses or shared office spaces. Not having an office puts a damper on the ability to send and receive phone calls from anything other than a cell phone. Since the majority of people with a startup have an existing job to pay the bills, it is not possible to give out cell phone numbers as professional numbers.

These are just a few of the reasons why Google Voice is becoming a very popular option for those looking to have a professional phone number to give out to contacts and potential clients. Google Voice offers everything normally found in IP phone systems. You have the ability to make and receive phone calls directly from your computer. You also have the ability to set up voicemail which will not only take messages. It will send you a text message about the missed phone call and the contents of the voicemail.

One of the great features being touted by those using Google Voice is the ability to use the service to forward phone calls to multiple numbers at once. When contacts call your phone number the call will go to your computer, your cell phone, home phone or any other phone you choose. You will have the ability to have a separate phone number which still allows complete access to you.

Another great feature many have been enjoying is the ability to record phone calls while talking on the phone. There are times when you might be in the car or walking down the street and have no access to anything which will serve to take notes with. By simply pressing a button on your cell phone, you have the ability to record the phone call and record pertinent information for future perusal.

While there are no physical VoIP phones available for use, many have found a good pair of headphones is all you need to make great phone calls from the computer. The phone calls themselves have been tested by different groups and have been found to be of good quality. In fact, many have determined they are superior to some other online VoIP services like Skype and even some cell phone calls. The determination is there is no way of knowing the phone call is coming from a computer.

While there is no professional service for medium sized companies and larger, Google Voice is a viable option for startups. They are currently working on a model which will offer professional services, but no announcement has been made as of yet as to when that will be.

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This Business article was written by Shannon Suetos on 10/14/2010

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