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If you are an exterminator, you are probably going to want to buy liability insurance for pest control business. But what king of insurance does your pest control business need, and how much and from whom will you need to buy?

Of the four kinds of business liability insurance (general, professional, product and EPLI), in this circumstance it is most likely that you will need only one or two. General liability insurance for pest control business is, of course, likely, as you will need to insure yourself against potential personal injury and property damage. Typically, businesses that are based on house calls are at a higher than average risk for these sorts of problems and they usually carry relatively high premiums. Depending on the size of your operation, you may also want to purchase some sort of EPLI insurance as well, particularly if you are not in direct control of employee management.

How much insurance you should buy refers, somewhat comically, to the likelihood with which you see yourself getting sued. The amount that you should purchase will require you to come up with a worst-case scenario that you can see for yourself: what are the chances of sickness or death resulting from exposure to chemicals on the part of the client? How likely is it that neighboring properties will be adversely affected by exposure to your product? This “worst case scenario” situation will help you decide exactly how high of a premium you need in order to comfortably work without excessive worry.

Knowing how to buy the right liability insurance for pest control business, like any business, is essential to making a sound business decision. Make sure you do your homework, and know exactly what you are getting into.


This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 2/7/2010