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Though most people don’t think to look in this direction, if you have a business that does a sizable amount of credit card sales, you will probably have a very easy time finding a list of vendors offer small business credit. These forms of small business credit, often called merchant cash advances, are a very good way to finance some new portions of your business.

What is a merchant cash advance? It is a loan that is distributed by merchants that do business with you and have a sizable quantity of money provided through credit card sales. Unlike nearly every other form of business loan, cash advances do not actually require you to disclose your credit information. If you can demonstrate a sufficient volume of credit card sales, you will most likely be given a list of vendors’ offer. Small business credit through these programs is anything but small; credit card based cash advances can be extremely lucrative, and many small businesses are eligible for loans up to $500,000, and with exceptionally good interest rates.

Another unconventional avenue that you may want to take is P2P lending. P2P is an exceptionally useful tool in the modern economy; though it may sound out-of-date, P2P lending is up and running more strongly than ever, and there are excellent resources available to help you facilitate trading along professional lines. With sites such as, you can easily gain access to the legal and financial documents you need to get a P2P loan executed in a safe and professional manner.

There are many ways to find financing outside of the world of banks, and many of them present much better opportunities. It is simply a matter of exploring all the options.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 2/4/2010