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If you are looking to start a business in the Chicago area, you are undoubtedly wondering how you can get access to low interest business loans in Illinois. Loan programs, luckily, are in abundance in the Midwestern region and knowing your financing options is as important as understanding the market in Chicago itself.

Chicago is an excellent place to do business; the culture of the Windy City integrates the intellectualism and aesthetics of a modern metropolis with the hard work ethic of the Midwestern region. Two great inventions were responsible for the development of Chicago; the steamboat and the railroad. Originally founded in 1833, it began as a port city on the Great Lakes connected to the Mississippi river, where Mississippi steamboats allowed it to carry goods up to and from the southwestern states. In 1838, the Chicago Union railroad connected the Mississippi waterway to the Eastern states, turning the once small port city into a bustling metropolis. The city underwent massive improvements in infrastructure during the mid 19 th century, and by the early twentieth it was a booming wealth of industry, jobs and jazz. Not surprisingly, this boom created a huge demand for low interest business loans.

In Illinois, loan programs are readily available in the downtown district. Chicago is home to a large number of banks and has several banking headquarters in its regions. Speak with some other local entrepreneurs and see what you can find out about local financing in the area.

There is another reliable way to find low interest business loans in Illinois, loan programs that are available federally such as FHA and SBA loans. You may also want to consider financing through online banks and other, federalized programs that offer their services to the Midwest along with the rest of the United States, as they will often be able to provide resources that are as good as those available locally.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 2/1/2010