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 I often hear from clients, newsletter subscribers and those in my network that they are amazed at the amount of content I put out. A common question I get is, “How are you in so many places at once?” The answer is simple:  automation.

You can increase your visibility on your social networks by tying the sites together, taking time to plan and finding the right tools to help make it possible. 
Few people have the time to separately manage and maintain Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, send out relevant updates, and connect with clients, friends, potential clients and social networks while working in and on a business. As a matter of fact, the amount of time it takes to maintain social media has created a relatively new job title – a “Social Media Manager.” 
What can you do if you cannot afford a full-time Social Media Manager?  
Automate your social media marketing. 
You can link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so that your tweets post to your LinkedIn status updates as well as your Facebook Fan Page (and personal Facebook page if you want it to). This puts you on three social networking sites at one time with a single action.
You can search Google for the latest and greatest apps to automate cross-posting for you, or ask your Virtual Assistant or web person for help.  If you need a recommendation, please let me know, I would be happy to make a suggestion.
Providing Relevant and Compelling Updates Every Day.
While cross-posting is good, it is not enough. To send out relevant tweets, status updates, etc. through the day can be tough. Who has the time? 
I always recommend that my clients write a weeks worth of relevant tweets and use one of the many free and fee-based pieces of software that can help you schedule your updates. (My two favorites are SocialOomph and HootSuite.) Then, schedule a small amount of time per day (5 to 30 minutes) to manage your account. Your account-managing activities should include things like:
• Answering DMs, LinkedIn and Facebook emails
• Reviewing and accepting new LinkedIn connections and Facebook Friends
• Welcoming your new Twitter followers
• Responding to comments
• Thanking others for retweeting
• Find interesting tweets to retweet
• Connecting
• Participating in Groups
Using a few easy-to-use tools and some simple automation can increase your presence and help you get more clients.

This Business article was written by Jennifer Davey on 12/16/2010

Small Business Coach and Marketing Strategist, Jennifer Davey, is the author of the “”14-Step Formula for Getting Clients, Building Your Business and Making More Income“”. Watch her training video “”1 Thing You Need to Know to Be Successful at Getting Clients””.