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While the SBA has been under attack from various organizations for a few decades now, it appears that the Eisenhower administrations’ solution to helping disadvantaged demographics overcome their economic barrier to entry is once again gaining momentum. Business Microloans are once again readily available for distribution. As the Democratic congress has passed the TARP bill, low-interest loans of $35,000 or less are once again readily available for individuals looking to escape the nine to five and get a piece of the pie.

Microloans are an excellent way to finance your business. They allow you to get financing in denominations that are very helpful and easily adjustable to fit your needs. The program is also highly effective for larger-scale financing, as multiple loans can be applied for at the same time. If you are wondering how this is possible without bringing damage to your credit score, you should know that credit scores are only affected by activity in two-week periods; the number of activity that your credit profile receives within those two weeks is irrelevant. This means that you can make as many credit pulls (and therefore apply to as many applications as you want) within a two-week period and it will only count as one.

Another excellent way to get financing is through a new Community Economic Development organization known as Momentum. Business micro loans are available through this organization as well, at up to $5,000 at a reasonable interest rate. These loans are an excellent way to get quick, safe and reliable financing to your business when you need it. Momentum business micro loans have been around for a little over a decade, but provide another excellent option for your business financing needs.

Giant mortgages are not always the solution to your financing needs; sometimes, small is beautiful.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/27/2010