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 If you have no credit card, online business jobs are probably not going to be very likely.  However, you should know that this is not necessarily causal, but reflective.  More often than not, having a credit card is not just instrumental to having good business sense and connections (in fact, if anything is often works against having good business sense!), but it is reflective of being in a class of people that understands how business works.
With no credit card, online business jobs are simply less likely to come to you by virtue of the fact that, if you have no credit card, chances are more likely than not that you are not in the right network of people that will help you get a stable source of income from a remote location.  The people who don’t have credit cards tend to be, for lack of a better work, hippies.  The artistic community, while spiritually well-developed and not lacking in fun activities, are usually not the most money-savvy people and tend to be apart from the system.  By having no credit card, they usually have limited connections in the business world, and often alienate themselves further with distinguishing appearances and ideologies.
However, as we have established, correlation does not equal causation.  So if you are a sensible, business savvy person and get rid of your credit card, this will not impede your chances of having a good online business job.  However, I’d be willing to wager that you won’t; few business people actually like having no credit card.
Online business jobs provide an excellent lifestyle that many people of this generation consider to be a holy grail of jobs.  Make sure that you aren’t too much of a hippie and you can easily find yourself with one of these jobs!

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/27/2010