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To be honest, nearly every review that I write about a product in the payday loan industry is negative. This is not to say that all payday or quick cash lenders are unscrupulous or dangerous, but merely that so many of them are that consumers need to be very careful when they do pursue these lines of credit. I am happy to say, though, this this review will not be negative.

What Criteria Do I Use in Reviewing Lenders?

The first thing I look at when reviewing lenders, like One Click Cash, is to make sure that they fully disclose their rules and procedures up front. Any business that attempts to hide all of the important information is one that simply can’t be trusted. In this case, it is quite clear that One Click Cash is above the board in this regard. For example, their home page makes many policies clear…

  1. Servicemen, women and their dependents are not eligible in compliance with U.S. law
  2. When and How Much the Loans Cost
  3. Loan repayment options

The second thing that I look for is contact information that is more than just an email address or a contact form. A real phone number that I can call and speak with a representative is a must. In this case, the numbers are clearly identified on the contact page.

Finally, I look at the privacy policy to make sure that they guarantee to keep my information safe and not resell it.

What Services does One Click Cash Offer?

Offerings can differ from lender to lender, but what One Click Cash offers is generally referred to as a “cash advance” or “payday loan”. Essentially, these loans are tied to proof of employment and can help consumers avoid late fees or other short term financial issues.

It is worth pointing out that in many cases a payday or cash advance loan is not your best option. When applying for the loan, identify exactly how much the loan will cost to pay off and whether that payoff cost is less than the sum total of fees you are avoiding by acquiring the money now. If that price is not less, don’t do it.

The site indicates that payment is not due until the next paycheck arrives, but you should be prepared to pay off the loan as quickly as possible as historically these types of loans have very high interest rates.

Can I Apply Online?

Yes, it appears that application online is their preferred method at this time. The application process will require some personal information (all loan applications do), so it will be your best bet to make sure you have a secure connection before filling out the application.

You will also most likely need to fill out and sign some paperwork. Nearly all reputable lenders require some physical identification such as a signature to complete the application process. While cumbersome, this is a valuable step in protecting your identity.

This Business article was written by Jordan Altoft on 1/7/2013

Jordan is a consumer advocate with experience in payday lending and other potentially consumer unfriendly industries.