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 If you want to get into the progressive insurance business, casual dress codes may be more available to you than you might think.  Dressing casually has become a hallmark of the new “net generation” that is taking to the workplace in droves.  It is entirely likely that the boss of your insurance company may even have tattoos and piercings and don a T-shirt at work.  However, despite what many mainstream media publications are saying, this does not mean that every office is going to offer this much freedom, or even be what many people would consider to be “laid back.”  So you may want to make a few lifestyle considerations before jumping into the progressive insurance business.
Casual dress codes are very useful in a number of different circumstances as they keep the office relaxed, casual, and friendly.  However, there is a reason why more formal, business attire exists as well; as many managers put it, if you dress professionally, you will act professionally.  From what I have seen, the general direction of business to move in is incrementally towards casual, especially in small, pronounced steps like “casual Fridays” and the like.
If, for example, you take a job at Progressive Insurance, business casual dress codes will dominate the office.  You will notice colleagues that have traded in their hippie clothes and long hair for a clean, casual cut and pink, untucked business shirts.  This is probably not what an insurance agent from years past would have worn, but it is still not a Grateful Dead concert.
In the future we may see a continued movement toward casual, likely not just because society tends to become more socially liberal, but also because communications technology is slowly moving us away from the office place.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/24/2010