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Getting a good quote for small business insurance is important to any business endeavor that you are likely to take on. Not only are good, reasonable quotes necessary, but you also need to know that your insurer offers excellent customer service and will be right for you.

First, it would be a good idea to get a quote for small business insurance on, the largest online marketplace for insurers across the nation. Netquote will provide you with a quick-and-dirty comparison of insurers, an estimate of the costs for their products, and a mild degree of customer satisfaction comparison. While this is not the only place you want to go to for an understanding of what you need to be looking at in this regard, it is a good start to gaining a rough understanding of the competition in this marketplace.

If you have trusted friends in your industry or business associates it may be a good idea to talk with them about the providers of the quotes you’ve just learned about. Generally bad insurers tend to gain bad reputations very quickly for mishandled services, so horror stories of bad insurance providers should reach your ears pretty quickly. Business lawyers are often also a very good source of information for insurance providers, as they will have a good handle on which insurers are frequently involved in lawsuits.

You should also take a look at JD Power and Associates. JD Power is a well-established conductor of surveys that report customer satisfaction along different dimensions for various industries. For insurers, they carefully catalog customer review surveys to provide an accurate aggregate representation of the industries. If the provider of your quote for small business insurance shows up with low star ratings on JD Power, you will have a good idea of whom to avoid for your protective needs. Another place you can go to for information about business insurers is your state’s Department of Insurance. This department will show you similar customer reviews, and will publish serious claims against the industries, should they have participated in extensive fraudulent activity.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 11/25/2009