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Many SEO professionals have been keenly aware of the evolving algorithms used by the search engines for a long time. While things like meta tags used to be the rule of the day to draw traffic to your website, these days they are a footnote in the chapter of SEO history. Keywords took off as the best way to make sure to bring in people to websites, but keyword loading caused a shift in the way the search engines rank pages. The new way to get better ranking with your website is to use LSI terms throughout content which is used on your website.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the processes by which terms are identified which are relevant to the topic which is being discussed. They tie in with the keyword as well as tying in with the topic. By identifying and using these LSI terms throughout the content, it is possible to enjoy a higher ranking with the search engines. The things to watch out for when using LSI terms is not to overload the content, to make sure that the content is still useful and to make sure that the terms point back to the original content of the overall website. By following these suggestions, it is possible to enjoy higher traffic for your website.

Watch for Overloading

Just like when you are using keywords, you do not want to overload your content with LSI terms. You run the risk of being dropped from the search engine because you are spamming content. What you thought would get more attention from the search engines will actually backfire where the content will not even be listed. Most suggest only using each LSI term up to twice in each article. Naturally, this will depend on how long the articles or post is. If you are not an expert in these terms and don’t feel comfortable running your own search engine optimization campaign, look into an online marketing firm. They can provide useful expertise and development to get your website on top in the numerous search engines.

Make the Content Useful

Make sure that the content you are using the LSI terms in is still useful to those who read it. If you are talking about restaurant POS systems in the body of the article, it is a good idea to make sure that the content is relevant and useful. Just loading down the content for the sake of getting a ranking is not conducive to a continuous high ranking with the search engines. Especially for industries that are competitive, like point of sale systems, you will get a high bounce rate and will likely not get any conversion from the traffic you are seeing.

Stay with the Concept of the Website

All LSI terms used should, along with the content, stay within the concept of the website. After all, you will not get much by attracting people to your website because of one article only to have them leave after they find the article which brought them there is contrary to the content on the rest of the website. By matching the content and the LSI terms with the concept of the website, you are also likely to get higher search engine ranking as well. Needless to say you will have a lower bounce rate and a higher ROI.

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This Business article was written by Shannon Suetos on 1/14/2011

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