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With so many recruiters to choose from, it is vital that you consider your options carefully before making your choice. Fortunately, the most effective recruiters are easily identifiable by the distinctive features and benefits they offer.


You should select an experienced recruiter who specializes in your designated field and who has an extensive and well-established network of client companies. A recruiter who appreciates your unique requirements and who is conversant with those of corresponding employers will be ideally placed to find you the right job and guide you through the process of securing it.

Company Information

The best recruiters will be able to provide you with valuable information about the company and the specific position you want, for example, the salary and benefits package on offer; the working environment; the company ethos; and the management’s personal preferences. They also know which companies are best to work for and which are best avoided.

Salary Negotiations

An experienced recruiter will have the knowledge and skills to help you negotiate the kind of salary and benefits package you want.

Bespoke Service

A recruiter who operates a personalised, bespoke service will analyse your skills, qualifications and experience; consider your desired position and salary expectations; and give you a realistic idea of your chances of securing the position you want. By matching your skills and expressed preferences with the client’s hiring requirements, they will ensure that you only go to precisely targeted interviews.


Remember too the importance of personal chemistry. Your chosen recruiter should be someone with whom you enjoy working; someone you can trust; and someone who speaks your language.

Hidden Opportunities

If you submit your CV or resume to a company on your own, it often becomes one of hundreds clamouring for the employer’s attention. A good recruiter, on the other hand, has the necessary contacts to arrange an interview for you at your chosen company.

Moreover, since there are always many more jobs available than appear in advertisements, it is vital to secure the services of a recruiter who has inside knowledge of non-advertised positions in your industry or discipline.


To maximize your chances of landing the job you want, you should choose a recruiter who can offer both a personalised consultative service and a database facility with national or even global access.

Network of Offices

A recruiter who is supported by an extensive network of offices will have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the most comprehensive range of available opportunities.

Interactive Website

In today’s fast-moving technological environment, it is easy to spot the recruiter who is really intent on providing a premium quality, customer-driven service. Make sure to choose a company with a dynamic website containing structured advice for jobseekers. If they also offer to provide you with a regular informative newsletter, you can rest assured that they have your best interests at heart.

This Business article was written by Gerard McLoughlin on 3/11/2005

From ‘Four Minutes to Job Interview Success’ published by Assignments Plus.