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When starting your first small business, you should be aware that you are going to receive a lot of small business credit card offers within the first few months of starting up. But how do you pick the right one, and how do you know which is the best for your purposes? The answer lies in knowing what to look for in a small business credit card.

Offers for business credit cards are often quite similar to personal credit card offers. The credit cards advertise features such as low interest rates, no-interest introductory rates, point-based rewards, cash-back, and, one that is not to be understated, the prestige and status that comes along with certain kinds of credit cards, such as “Platinum” cards. While these are all very similar to personal credit cards, the key difference is that your business may have different needs than you do personally. Be sure to apply for credit cards that are beneficial either to your business, or to things that you can write off as part of your business. If your business entails a lot of travel, preferred airline-issued sky miles cards will be very useful for you. Be sure that you are able to make the most use of what you are being issued and you will be very successful in building credit.

You also want to be sure that you are reading the fine prints of the offers. Small business credit card offers may surprise you with hidden rake hikes and by integrating your personal credit in with your business credit. Unfortunately, business credit cards are very difficult to come by when you are starting out, so one of the best ways to ensure that you have a good financial system is to apply for a secured credit card. This will require you to keep a savings account in order to maintain the card, but it will affect only your business credit and leave your personal credit unaffected.

Always know what you are getting into when you apply for a business credit card. Like personal credit, the rewards can be great if you know what you are doing.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 2/4/2010