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 There is one thing that will make it difficult in any economy, let alone today’s very difficult one, to find a small business loan: bad credit.  Not only will it make it difficult for a lending agent to become comfortable lending to you, it may also prevent you from even coming in contact with that lending agent in the first place!  But fortunately, cleaning up your bad credit is not nearly as difficult as many would have you think.  If you follow these simple steps, you will have absolutely no difficulty at all pulling yourself out and getting a good small business loan.
Bad credit is very often the result of extensive consumer debt (read: credit cards).  So the first thing that you are going to want to do is cut your credit cards up so that you break the behavioral spending pattern.  (Cancelling your account, even if you were able to, would be a bad idea, as it closes the opportunity for you to later build good credit)
The first thing you will want to do is consolidate your credit card debt with the help of a non-profit agency.  Aggressively-soliciting, for-profit loan consolidators are little better than loan sharks and will not help you very much with your endeavors.
Pay off your loans, starting with the highest interest rates.  This will take some time and discipline, but once you have it completed you will find the world to be a much easier place to breathe in.  
You can now finally start applying for small business loans.  Bad credit will weed itself away as you make payments on your business loans and you will generate good credit just as quickly.  

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/27/2010