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One of the best things about small business loans is that there are a very high number of widely available options for smart business owners. It is very easy to find small business loans; any credit status can, for the most part, be accommodated due to the wide variety of lenders available in the marketplace.

The best place to start is with the bank that you already have an account with. Banks tend to show preference for customers that have been banking with them for a long period of time. You should have a good chance at these locations with getting small business loans. Any credit is usually sufficient for some kind of loan, although the loan amount may be small and the interest rate high. Be advised that you have a much better chance of securing a loan with a small bank or credit union than you do with a large banking franchise, though.

You can also consider SBA loans. The SBA provides programs for various minority groups, the disadvantaged, and others, and offer a very good opportunity for almost anyone. The SBA is a well-known and time-tested system for getting set up with small business loans, even if credit is precluding other loan options.

You also have a good chance with business credit cards. Credit cards are a very good system for small loans, as they are convenient to use and generally simple to secure. Start-up business credit cards are usually the most difficult to secure, but once you have built a reasonable credit profile, you should have little difficulty getting approved for a new one; just be sure that your personal credit is not affected by the business credit card.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 12/26/2009