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Congratulations! You’ve just completed the finishing touches on your brand new website, and now you’re ready to launch it to the world!


Except…how do you do that exactly? It’s not like you upload it and your ideal clients magically find you.


So, what you need is a launch guide for your new site. And you just happen to be in the right place, because I’m going to walk you through what you should do.


And the best part? This even works if you DON’T have a new site and all you’re looking for is a bump in traffic. Wahoo!


First off, you need a message. Your message could be “Hey check out my new site,” which is okay, but unless you’re only talking to people who have some sort of relationship with you (friends or those who have been following you awhile) they probably won’t go look.


A better message would be something around the free gift you’re giving away on your site. (What? You don’t have a free gift? Okay, that’s first on the list to get done!)


You could also write a blog post and/or shoot a video with some content in it from your freebie — maybe you highlight one tip or you include content that’s NOT in the freebie — and post in on your blog with a call to action to sign up for the full freebie to get the rest of the tips.


Once you know what your message is, now it’s time to start posting it. Places to start:


* Your list — send as an ezine or a message (although your list already has the freebie, so you may want to do a variation of the content piece)


* Post a blurb on Facebook with a link to the article or video


* Post the article or video itself on Facebook


* Create a graphic with a quote from the free gift with your branding on it — post that on both Facebook and Pinterest


* Tweet about the article or video


* Post a blurb on Linked In with a link to the article or video


* Post the article or video itself on Linked In


* Post a blurb or the content itself on any other social networking site you use


* Create a press release about either your new site and/or the piece of content you created and submit on both free and paid portals


* Talk about it on your podcast, if you have one. (On a separate note, podcasts are making a comeback so you may want to look into hosting one.)


* If you make a video, make sure you post it on YouTube (and you may want to create a video in addition to the blog post so you can create more traction)


* Create some Facebook ads around the content


* Be creative! Can you think of any other places to either post the content or post a blurb with a link to the content?


Hopefully this has given you some good ideas to start boosting traffic to your website even if you don’t have anything going on in your biz right now. Also, I want to make sure you see the big picture here — which is to find ways to take ONE thing (one piece of content, one event, etc.) and reuse and repackage it to give you visibility on multiple platforms. That’s the key — the more you can do this, the easier it’s going to be to leverage your online marketing.