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 Did you just start a business and desperately need some customers? Or maybe you have a local business and take care of regular customers, but are looking to expand… If either of these are the case, you should consider getting yourself a business website. A business website will increase your customer population and your monthly income. When you make a business website, you are allowing customers to find you over the worldwide web and gain some insight on your business.

	If you're a computer savvy individual, you can make a business website on your  own. A little time and effort each day will begin to show it's colors and make  for a great website. A simple eye-catching design, loaded with information will  attract more customers than an overcrowded, hard to browse website; make sure  that when you make a website on your own that you can get someone else to test  it for you so they can find problems that you don't realize are there. When you  make a business website, everything should be legible and clean, all while letting  the customers known what you do. 	If you're one of millions that fall into the computer illiterate group, you will  have to hire a company to make a business website for you. Not all companies were  created equal, so you'll have to research Internet companies to make your perfect  business website. For those wanting to spend a logical price on a business website,  you should consider giving Virante, Inc. a call. Virante has made business websites  for numerous clients and can help with other issues like search engine optimization. 	As a business owner or associate, it's important that you understand how a business  website will help pull customers in. Yellow pages and flyers may help drum up  some local business, but if your business aspires to be larger, you must make  a business website to bring in customers from surrounding cities or states. 

This Ebusiness article was written by Ashley Spetter on 8/12/2009