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The Internet is a great tool, however, it has been abused by marketers in the form of Spam, but recently a new method has become harsh to the average Internet user.


Over the last year or so, marketers have used Adware, also called Spyware or web parasites to infect user’s computers to serve up their own advertising. For example, if you did a search on Google for “cheap airfare” the adware system would detect your search query and serve you a pop-up ad with their advertiser.

Most people don’t know they are infected. These parasites can cause lost productivity, slower connections and frustration due to the relentless showing of pop-up advertisements.

What To Do,
Rid your system of the adware and make it a habit of checking your system 1-2 times per month.


We highly recommend Lavasoft’s Ad-aware. The basic program is free, and you can choose to upgrade to their Plus or Professional version.

We use it on all of our systems, and we are surprised how many parasites are loaded on your system without our knowledge or consent.

This Ebusiness article was written by Jerry West on 2/11/2005