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       Providing quality customer support in the internet realm through live chat has always been an extremely difficult issue to address for any online business. Many customers visiting websites have specific questions, problems and suggestions that simply can not be conveyed through a simple “Frequently Asked Questions” page. The difference between a customer passing on your site and a sale can be a simple live chat one word answer of “yes” or “no”. If you think about it, there are numerous opportunities to snag that extra revenue by simply communicating via live chat with the consumer while they are browsing for a product on your site.

This is no different than regular retail stores, where an employee is at your hip at any moment to answer questions or to make suggestions. Could a tangible retail store succeed without a knowledgeable and helpful sales team? Maybe, but it would not operate at its potential. The common perception of the internet is that the consumer is more informed, knows exactly what he or she wants, and does not need the extra help of live chat when compared to regular retail shoppers. This perception is bogus because if the opportunity is present, the consumer will ask questions through live chat to reinforce their decision to purchase the product. A live chat interface will eliminate all confusion on a website and this live chat software will increase the site’s usability.

This Ebusiness article was written by Colby Almond on 5/11/2010