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What does your product, service or business do better than any other?

Why would someone want to purchase from you rather than your competition over at site x?

If you don’t know, you need to find out!

Start by having a look at what you have to offer and compare it with the competition. Is yours as good, are their improvements that can be made? Maybe your product is similar to another but by asking the consumer how it could be improved you could do better, make changes, be in the forefront rather than lagging behind.

Amazingly enough, many products online (and off) no matter what they are sell better only for the fact that they have a few more features, more benefits, seem bigger, have more information, a few extra testimonials.

Does this mean that the consumer really needs all these extra items, in many cases the answer is no! But the consumer "thinks" they are more valuable only for the fact that they are getting "more" even if the price is higher.

If you are selling a service, how do you do it differently and better than any other? This may not always be additional add-on products or services that come with you main service, it may be an intangible benefit, a philosophy or way of doing business.

What do you as the owner of the business bring to your business? What uniqueness of "you" does your business have that others are lacking, can not or are not willing to bring to their own businesses?

Once you know what makes your business stand out from the crowd, your "unique selling proposition", you then need to advertise this to your clients. Your "unique selling proposition" is at least one benefit but can be more.

So how do you know what your "unique selling proposition" actually is or could be?

For most people it comes from "current knowledge" and or a "gut feeling" (intuition).

Have you looked at your own product or service and you "know" intuitively that it could be much better?

Have you looked competitor’s sites and picked a whole heap of problems but you know your own site could also be so much better? Have you seen a "need" in your industry that isn’t being filled but haven’t acted on it?

Maybe you already have a "unique selling proposition" (which you could not be aware of) but you’re just not advertising the fact which if done, would result in higher profits?

And then there’s this last one which is more common then you think especially if you are a solopreneur trying to start online. You know that something, a product or service could be done so much better or differently to what it’s being done now but up to this point you haven’t had the confidence to step out and start it your self?

People really underestimate this online. Now if you are reading this and you already have a successful business, online or off it may not matter to you so much. However if you are new to business, been working for someone else on a average wage, there is a confidence barrier you will need to eventually break through.

I personally know as I have seen many marketers hit this wall myself included.

Once I decided that I was going to present my business in my own unique way, or utilize my own "unique selling proposition", that’s when things started happening.

So with that being said, what is your “USP” and get promoting it today!

This Ebusiness article was written by Chris Taylor on 10/10/2005

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