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Jencel Limited | | Managing Director | 11/28/2002 | Sole Proprietor
Example: Luther SIPISON is CEO and Founder of Jencel Limited##comma## an independentProduct Distribution company based in Lae##comma## Papua New Guinea.

What kind of training or education did you acquire before your venture?
I am 42 years old I have worked in government and the private sectors and would like to stop working for money and start my own Business.

What services or products does your organization offer?
I am a licenced Distributor with a Professional Marketing Company covering both commercial and domestic product Distribution.

What type of business or organization do you operate?
I dont understand?

How many employees do you currently have?
Curently just 2

How did you originally discover the idea for your organization?
I am in the Direct Sales Industry.

How did you originally fund your organization?
Personal Fund

Are you the founder of your organization?

Do you believe there is any distinct culture within your organization? If so, please describe it.
Direct Sales

What obstacles or challenges have you faced in your organization?
Negative attitude from the community but i just keep doing what I think is right.

Did you accept any advice along the way? Do you believe new organizations should be open to such advice?
Very Important

Did you receive any help along the way from other businesses or organizations? If so, how and from whom?

What have been the keys to success in your business? What do you believe are the keys to success?
Self confidence##comma## positive attitude and will power

What kind of relationship do you establish with your customers or clients?

What types of marketing do you employ?
Network Marketing

Do you employ any web or online marketing?
I am trying##comma## this is the first go.

What role does trust play in business or in your organization?
Yes. I must always be honest in my business dealings

Did you struggle with starting your own organization or venture? Why did you decide to begin on your own?
I want to build a business and see it grow from a humble start.

What books or resources would you recommend for individuals starting off now?
RichDad PoorDad & Cashflow Quardrant by Robert Kiyosaki and other Good books.

Do you notice any trends in the marketplace? If so, what are they?
Global economies are emerging power of the internet.

Do you believe networking and contacts are important? If so, how?
This is a very powerful tool##comma## I believe in NETWORKING.

What do you think about contracts and other legal obligations? Are they important in your business?
My success is in helping others succeed.
If I sow the seed of success in others i will also succeed.

If there is one thing that would sum up your advice to new entrepreneurs, what would it be?
College degree is good because it opens your mind to the world but informal education is even better because it develops and teached the human soul what college education does not teach.

What, if any, final advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?
Do not give up. Dream big and develop the ability to see greater opportunity in every challenge##comma## problem##comma## and frustration you are experiencing.

This addedinterviews article was written by Luther SIPISON on 3/9/2005

Luther SIPISON Jencel Limited Sole Proprietor