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Tyvola Design | | Owner | 09/18/2002 | Sole Proprietor
Tom Feldman is the owner of a Charlotte##comma## North Carolina based specializing in advertising and graphic design

What kind of training or education did you acquire before your venture?
I graduated from Columbia College Chicago In 1995##comma## I graduated with an honors degree in art and design. After holding varoius design positions in companies related to print and television##comma## I decided to open my own firm in Sept. of 2001.

What services or products does your organization offer?
Located in Charlotte##comma## N.C.##comma## we specialize in advertising and graphic design

What type of business or organization do you operate?
Tyvola Design is set up as a sole proprietor. because of tax reasons

How many employees do you currently have?
3##comma## including me

How did you originally discover the idea for your organization?
I felt that each client should be treated equally and have a fantastic design no matter how limited their budget.

How did you originally fund your organization?
personal funds

Are you the founder of your organization?

Do you believe there is any distinct culture within your organization? If so, please describe it.
Fun##comma## but professional and always keeping in mind of the client##aps##s timeline.

What obstacles or challenges have you faced in your organization?
The main obstacle was establishing myself. But##comma## through advertising and good word of mouth from clients##comma## I was able to overcome that obstacle.

Did you accept any advice along the way? Do you believe new organizations should be open to such advice?
Extremely important! Advisors can help you think of issues you would have never thought of yourself because of their experience.

Did you receive any help along the way from other businesses or organizations? If so, how and from whom?
My clients have helped me grow!

What have been the keys to success in your business? What do you believe are the keys to success?
Persistance##comma## hard work and a good sense of humor

What kind of relationship do you establish with your customers or clients?
People are so focused on business that they forget how to treat people. Asking your client how their day is goes a long way in building relationships

What types of marketing do you employ?
word of mouth and an agency brochure that we mail out.

Do you employ any web or online marketing?
Note: Question not yet added at time of interview.

What role does trust play in business or in your organization?
Most of my mistakes havebeen in setting prices and billing clients##comma## but I believe we have found a proper balance now.

Did you struggle with starting your own organization or venture? Why did you decide to begin on your own?
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What books or resources would you recommend for individuals starting off now?
Your local city business journal

Do you notice any trends in the marketplace? If so, what are they?
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Do you believe networking and contacts are important? If so, how?
Networking is a must! If you don##aps##t get your name out there##comma## no one is going to know who you are.

What do you think about contracts and other legal obligations? Are they important in your business?
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If there is one thing that would sum up your advice to new entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Be decent to people. The product or service you provide is only 50% of the job. The other 50% is how you treat your clients and that will ultimately decided on whether they retain your services or not.

What, if any, final advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?
Stay focused and it is o.k. to be scared. Venturing out on your own is scary##comma## but also incredibly rewarding. Also##comma## don##aps##t take everything so seriously and enjoy life!

This addedinterviews article was written by Tom Feldman on 3/9/2005

Tom Feldman Tyvola Design Sole Proprietor