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Having spent 27 years in the offline world as a sales person, I can honestly say that for the professional business to business sales person with aspirations to become a top company performer will benefit greatly for Anthony Parinello’s books, Selling to VITO (Very Important Top Officer) and How to Close Any Sale in Two Calls. Let’s face it finding the decision maker, and closing the sale is the whole point of your career choice. Often getting past the gatekeeper requires tactics that border on war strategy. These books are full of great tips on how to accomplish that objective.

And, secondly if you blow it in the first five minutes of any sales call you are fortunate enough to schedule, you will never get another appointment. Therefore, learn to close your sales. The language, the posturing, the attitude, and all of the right triggers to get the order are here for you.

I recommend Anthony Parinello to anyone in sales, regardless of whether they are online or offline. You will truly benefit if you are in direct sales in the offline world, but you will also truly benefit when consulting or dealing with potential customers that are reluctant to commit to purchasing from your online Internet business.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/3/2006

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