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You will find ads for assembly opportunities in the classified ads of newspapers and in many business opportunity magazines. They are truly one of the oldest scams around. I am of the firm belief that ads for these types of opportunities (and I use that term lightly) shouldn’t even be allowed to be published.

Essentially, what you end up getting when you buy one of the manuals offered is just a book full of home-based assembly type opportunities to buy into. And in most cases, the company you purchased the manual from is affiliated with the home-based businesses in the manual.

On average, the initial manual will run you about $39.95. Then, if you want, you can buy into any of the opportunities listed in the manual for an additional registration fee of $39.95.

HERE’S THE CATCH! The 1st $39.95 you spent is supposed to be refunded to you after you’ve completed the required work and returned it to the original source. Fat chance trying to collect on that! Rarely are you ever paid for your completed work, and this is how they get around it:

Essentially what you get back is a letter telling you that your work didn’t meet their standards, therefore you are not eligible to receive the "refundable" $39.95. Smell a rat? These companies are making their money mostly from the $39.95 registration fees, not for your completed work.

If there is anyone who has had a positive, profitable experience from assembly opportunities, please contact me. I’d be interested to see the proof because I have yet to find one.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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