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I am a treadmill junkie, and Dave Espino’s infomercial for his program, Auctions for Income, has provided entertainment during many a run. I asked a friend of mine who has been a reseller on eBay for years to evaluate his program. Here’s her report.

"I could have laughed when I listened to Dave Espino teach me how to use wholesale merchandise, drop shippers, and liquidation sites to make money. All the folks making testimonials in his infomercial kept saying what fantastic results they were having with his method, but I didn’t get those same results.

Some of the most critical components to serious profit seemed to be missing, such as how to choose your products for resale. Dave Espino didn’t seem to have any crystal ball telling me what was in demand, what items would have quick turnover, and if one target market might be better than another.

These days I do eBay for fun. I buy more than I sell because eBay is saturated with too many sellers and profit margins too slim to entice my time. Maybe I didn’t understand the Dave Espino Auctions for Income materials like the folks who had the great results did, but I can surely tell you there is an easier way to make money.

I’ve created new online money making businesses that provide me with serious income and that give me my time back!

My friends at Empower Your Income asked for my input and here it is in a nutshell. Dave Espino isn’t getting rich on eBay these days. He’s getting rich off of selling you Auctions for Income."


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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