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BeautiControl is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tupperware, so all the principles of home based party directed sales through independent distributors, is fully utilized to drive BeautiControl’s mission which is to provide unlimited earning opportunities for women while living lives in balance.

The company has a complete line of wellness, skin care, sun care, and cosmetic products that anyone can experience through a Spa Escape home party. BeautiControl provides professional training for distributors and ongoing support for distributors.

I was unable to obtain any information about the compensation plan. I did query the company via the website, but was not contacted by a BeautiControl representative. Therefore, I have had no opportunity to use the products or learn more about the manufacturing standards and guarantees.

I have had several people considering the BeautiControl business opportunity tell me that they liked the fact that there was something to sell to anyone that attended a Spa Escape. Personally, I would not make a decision based on this criterion alone. The products must do what they say they are going to do for happy customers and repeat business. So, if you are considering BeautiControl use the products prior to selling them and obtain consummate product knowledge. No, most of your customers probably won’t care, but there are a lot of players in this MLM market segment, so you need to know your competition and why BeautiControl is the right choice.

One of my friends contacted me after the body of this review was written. She is going to become a BeautiControl distributor. Here is what my friend has to say. BeautiControl products cost about one half the price of a comparable competitor. They range from $65.00 to $68.00 depending upon the set. The ingredients are also comparable, being botanicals.

The discount consultants get depends on the size of the order they are placing ranging from 25% – 50%, plus an additional 10% -15% off is you purchase certain products that are on sale each month. When you get four consultants under you in your downline, you get 50% off all the time. If your personal retail sales for the month are $450.00 or more, you get 4% commission on your consultants’ orders for the month.

The larger your team gets the larger your commission percentage gets, and you earn cash bonuses. There are other prizes, trips, and a new car you can earn (either a Mustang or a Lexus) the higher you move up as you build a team.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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