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Live the rewarding life you deserve, every day! At BeautiControl, we believe you should have the freedom to live each day your way – balancing work around family and lifestyle needs &ldots; loving what you do &ldots; earning what you want &ldots; feeling appreciated and valued &ldots; learning from positive, uplifting people &ldots; and being rewarded and recognized. Experience the Total ESCAPE every day with BeautiControl. It’s empowering and satisfying, and can change your life!

ESCAPE: The BeautiControl Spa Experience &ldots; is in demand! The spa industry is booming, but who can afford the time and expense of going to a day spa, especially every time they feel stressed? BeautiControl is the leader in bringing affordable, relaxing, revitalizing skin care, spa and image treatments and services into people’s homes with our Spa ESCAPE. And that puts you in demand as a BeautiControl Independent Consultant!

Earning money is easy with Spa ESCAPEs! No experience necessary! BeautiControl provides the tools and training you need to start earning income immediately through Spa ESCAPEs. So, now the question – what do you want to earn? $500 &ldots; $1,000 &ldots; $4,000 per month? With BeautiControl, it’s your choice!

Rewards and recognition can be yours too! Have you ever done a really great job and all you got was a pat on the back? We believe in rewarding people with dream vacations, diamond jewelry, generous cash bonuses, new cars and national recognition. BeautiControl celebrates and rewards you like no other company!

Your rewards begin the minute you join our caring family of Independent Consultants.

  • A full day of BeautiU Training
  • Valuable knowledge to last a lifetime – how to successfully work with, influence and communicate with people
  • Represent scientifically advanced products and services
  • The products and tool you need to begin your BeautiControl business
  • A free personalized Web page for six months
  • A six-month membership to Client Connection, our direct mail program
  • Monthly Achiever magazine
  • Help others improve their image and lives
  • Make your own BeautiControl business anything you want it to be
  • Be rewarded and recognized
  • Opportunity to earn unlimited income
  • Freedom and flexibility to schedule your business activities around family
  • Create the lifestyle you dream about
  • Escape today, tomorrow, for a lifetime &ldots; join BeautiControl today!

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This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

Gracie Bowers is an industry established leader in reviewing and critiquing home based businesses. Her website, on home based business opportunities, provides a wide array of insite on available programs. You can even view thebest home based business which she uses to make her money, allowing her to have free time to write!