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Bill Meyers is one of my favorite finds. I had to put feelers out to all my contacts to actually start piecing together the Bill Meyers story. And, what I found delighted me.

Bill Meyers is a clever man. He took an ordinary product, used books, old books, and out of print books, and created an extraordinary business opportunity.

Mr. Meyer’s suggestion is simply brilliant. Take a day and browse your local used book stores for old titles with living authors. Make contact with those authors that really interest you and whose book might be right for your website. Then offer to reprint, re-release, and repackage the title for a royalty percentage.

Yes, this is a great idea. For all of you out there that are stumped when it comes to creating information products, here is your easy out. It’s also a great way to start for those of you without a specific plan at the moment. You may find the used bookstore a valuable place to find your product or service.

Bill Meyers is highly recommended. This kind of genius is rare.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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