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Bob Brinker is s legend among his fans. He is an investment specialist with an honest, easy going, but unique approach to the stock market. He’s been around for a long time. His investment newsletter, The Marketimer, can be sampled at this website . Here you can get a complimentary back issue, subscribe if you like the publication, or read the current issue if you are a subscriber.

Bob Brinker also has his own radio show called MoneyTalk that is carried on many stations throughout the United States. You can find your state radio programmers that carry his program at his website, as well. One of the features that I really liked was the new downloadable version of MoneyTalk available at the website.

Mr. Brinker’s site is full of educational resources for the investment student. You will find information on such topics as economics, mutual funds, retirement, securities, and stocks.

Is site is also a great place to pick up the latest recommended reading list and purchase through Amazon while at the site. Additional resources include conference calls where you can dialogue and listen to major companies discuss such things as quarterly earnings, business news, and product news. The site will provide you mortgage rates, state tax information, and a glossary.

One of the best features to Bob Brinker’s website is the market update information provided. Bob Brinker is a good pick for any of you studying with financial gurus and working the markets as a business. He is also sound advice for the average investor.


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