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The Company

Since its foundation in 1997, Bright Builders has grown each year, despite the shaky economy for "dot-com" businesses. Why the success? We believe in hard work and first-rate products. Bright Builders’ first goal was to place e-commerce and website development in reach of the novice. We have met this goal, and the public has responded with enthusiasm.

Traditionally, e-commerce website owners hired several parties to carry out web hosting, web design, shopping cart design and maintenance, payment gateways, and merchant services. An expensive ordeal. Bright Builders created the ideal when we introduced web business owners to a new concept—one-stop web development shopping.

We fulfill all the needs that five separate contractors or companies fill for other websites. And we do it at an affordable price.

We know our clients are on fire with the entrepreneurial spirit. They are forward-thinking people who understand that finding the right technology and education can make the difference between the success and failure of their companies. Their needs drive our company to develop new and better ways to conduct business online.

Bright Builders primarily sells wholesale through retail partners.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We offer products we ourselves would, and do, use. And we do it at a fair price. We continually work to improve our products’ usability and functionality. We anticipate the needs of our customers and offer add-ons and services to make sure they can meet their business objectives.

Bright Builders reaches out to every client with top-notch support and unsurpassed technical assistance. We have pooled a team of talented and experienced partners and employees—a team that works for you. The team ensures that the products and services that power your site are second-to-none. Our Bright Builders team includes graphic artists, web developers, web marketing experts, technical advisors, personal coaches, and copywriters, all working together to bring you Bright Builders tools and resources.

Bright Builders Product Line

Bright Builders stands at the forefront of the industry with superior tools and services. Our products offer every client a custom and simple, yet powerfully intuitive, e-commerce-enabled website. The tools are flexible enough to accommodate website owners with any degree of knowledge of web development, from the novice to the expert. Bright Builders-powered sites serve individuals and small businesses, as well as large-scale projects for corporations and large businesses.

Below is a description of the services and products that Bright Builders provides.

SEO Marketing Foundation Package

The SEO Marketing Pro package is designed to increase your website’s visibility on the Web and drive interested customers to your website. Bright Builders marketers use established techniques to evaluate, prepare, and promote your website.
Your marketing package offers these benefits:

  • An expert review of your website for search engine visibility and acceptability.
  • A list of researched keywords or phrases, based on a review of your website.
  • A quick start on your website’s marketing so you can save time and shorten the learning curve.
  • A foundation for your own continued marketing efforts. You can use the same marketing techniques we provide for your site over and over.

We provide the following services for the SEO Marketing Foundation package:

Keyword Research

We will perform keyword research for your website to discover the words Web users enter when they are looking for the products or services your website offers. Based on our research, we will recommend keyword phrases that will attract potential customers to your website.


Site Tune-up


During your site tune-up, we will review your homepage to:
·          Make suggestions to maximize the page’s search engine acceptance.
·          Recommend changes to ensure that potential customers find your homepage based on the keywords we recommend.
·          Evaluate the content and make suggestions to increase your website’s marketability.
·          Test for errors such as broken links.
In addition, we will:
Create a keyword-rich title and description for the homepage, based on our keyword research.
Create a site map for the website to ensure all of the site’s pages are easily accessible to search engines.


Submission to Over 2,500 Search Engines and Directories

We will submit your website to over 2,500 search engines and directories. Then, as a bonus to you, as long as you pay hosting, we will continue to submit your website each month for the next year.
Note: The results of our submissions may vary. Your website may not be listed on a given search engine because: 1) the search engine is slow to list new sites, 2) the search engine only lists your website for a limited time, 3) your website’s subject matter is not compatible with the search engine’s focus, or 4) the search engine is currently rejecting free submissions.




Inclusion in our Bright Builder Directory

Your website’s description will appear on our Bright Builder directory. This inclusion means increased link popularity and quicker site placement on


Marketing Content Pages

We will design a marketing page for your website, centered around a keyword we select. This page will drive traffic to your site that is targeted by the selected keyword.

Custom Graphic Design

Bright Builders’ design team works under your direction to create a website look and feel that suits your tastes, reaches your target audience, and meets your business needs. Best of all, the Custom Graphic Design option gives your website a professional design while letting you retain full control over all other aspects of your website—text, products, categories, and more. A perfect match!


Organization and First-Glance Appeal

The design experts at Bright Builders will create a design that attracts and captivates potential customers. With a wide array of both graphical and technical experience, our team can provide design services for virtually any industry and any audience.


Website Personality

When we design your website’s appearance, we use the information you provide for us about your personality and your target audience. Your information helps us create a design that clearly reflects your image and gets your message across to your customers.


You Control Website Content

With the Custom Graphic Design option, you retain complete control over the content.
This means that you, as the expert for your business, write the text for each page, add the products, and set up the categories for the products. Best of all, you never have to wait for someone else to make changes to your website’s content. The Bright Builder places the power in your hands, giving you the ability to make immediate content changes.

Coaching Sessions

Your Bright Builders package includes coaching sessions from your Internet business consultant. Each 30-minute session is designed to help you achieve your individual business goals. Your coach will work with you, one-on-one, offering priceless knowledge, advice, and skills to help you build the habits you will need to thrive in the competitive Internet environment. 

After each session with your coach, you will receive assignments to help you learn the basics of operating an Internet business. Moreover, you will learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur so you can compete in the Internet marketplace on your own.

Material covered will vary depending on your individual interests, goals, concerns, pursuits, background, and the number of sessions you’ve purchased. Your coach will typically provide consulting in the areas outlined below. 

Winning Mindset

Your coach is there to help you achieve the winning mindset of a successful work-at-home entrepreneur, so you can enjoy the lifestyle of working for yourself. Your winning mindset will give you extra confidence as you constantly learn new ways to build your business.

Build a Successful
Online Business

Glean knowledge from your coach that will empower you to build success as you establish a direction for your Internet business and create your business plan. Your coach will lead you to additional resources to help you make your business grow for years to come.

Define Your Niche

To compete effectively in the Internet business world, you need to find a unique niche. Let your coach guide you through the necessary research to find your market niche.

Your coach can also advise you about creating name and brand recognition on the Internet and point you to additional resources for help.

Find the Right Products

Follow your coach’s market research strategies to test which products will work on your website.

If you decide you are ready to include products from your own sources, learn the vital steps that will help you find vendors who can supply you with products that sell.

Effective Presentation

Let your coach advise you on how to develop an effective presentation for your website and auction ads.
·      Website Layout and Organization: Find out how to design an attractive, easy-to-use website that entices customers to buy.
·      Auction Ads: Create compelling auction ads.
·      Text: Learn writing techniques to produce powerful, informative text that attracts customers and sells the benefits of the products on your site.

Marketing Strategies

Your coach will discuss traditional Internet marketing approaches, such as search engines and auctions that will provide a solid base for your marketing efforts. Then, for a competitive edge, your coach will help you think outside the box with more creative approaches.

Auction PI

This powerful suite of eBay research software saves you time and money and makes your online auction experience more enjoyable.
How? The eBay data we provide is very expensive, but you get all the benefits of the data without the high prices. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you need eBay research software to give you a competitive edge. AuctionPI gives you that edge.
Your AuctionPI software suite includes.

DeepAnalysis 2.17

DeepAnalysis is the heart of AuctionPI. This tool helps you decide whether you can make money on a product, if it will sell, and how much it will sell for. With DeepAnalysis, together with FeeFinder (described below), you can anticipate your profit for a product when you list it on eBay.
Let DeepAnalysis scan all of the auctions associated with your search and show you:
·    A list of the items included in the auctions, as well as the selling price and whether an item has sold.
·    A list of the sellers who listed items, with detailed statistics on the items they listed.
·    Comprehensive statistics about the items and sellers, including total sales figures and sell-through rates for various types of auctions.


FeeFinder 3.3

FeeFinder helps you calculate how much eBay will charge to list and sell your items, so you never have to guess your selling costs. FeeFinder also lets you calculate the costs of virtually any eBay auction, including eBay Motors and real estate auctions. Also, FeeFinder provides links to online shipping cost calculators for all the major shippers. It works with, eBay UK, and eBay Canada.


BidderBlock 1.1

BidderBlock lets you create, manage, and share a list of bidders who are blocked from participating in your eBay auctions.
·    View detailed information about any user on your list.
·    Send messages to users on your list through the eBay user contact system.
·    Save and export your list to share it with other BidderBlock users.
·    Import lists others have created to add to your list.
This powerful tool can protect you in an uncertain marketplace where you can’t see who you’re dealing with. BidderBlock works with all the international eBay sites.


The Bright Builder

Bright Builder Tools

The Bright Builder tools help you create the website you want:
Themes:                          Choose from pre-built themes for an instant, professional look and feel.
Edit Web Pages:          Create and edit an unlimited number of website pages.
Store Manager:           Set up your store catalog.
Billing Info:                  View your Bright Builders billing statement and submit your credit card information.
Site Statistics:            Get statistics about how many times your website has been visited, which pages are the most popular, when visitors are viewing your website, and more.
Domain/C-Name:      Register or transfer your website domain or c-name. Your Bright Builder purchase includes one free domain name registration or transfer (with a $19.95 annual renewal fee).



The Bright Builder provides you with an eCommerce-enabled website, complete with a store catalog, a shopping cart, and an order manager.

Store Catalog

The store catalog allows you to add and delete products and organize them by category. Use the catalog to manage prices, options (such as size and color), descriptions, shipping costs, and product images. You can use the Import function to import your product data into the Bright Builder system.

Shopping Cart

The Bright Builder provides a ready-made shopping cart for your website. The shopping cart accepts payments, using the payment methods and merchant accounts you set up for your website in the Store Manager. When a customer checks out, you and your customer receive an email receipt of the order.

Order Manager

The Order Manager lets you track the status of your orders. You can use the Export utility to view orders in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel).




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