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I like Dan Kennedy and it goes way back to having similar backgrounds. We both started in marketing and sales in the offline world. I spent 27 years there working in corporate marketing before waking up one day to the reality of Internet competitors cutting into my bottom line. So, within three months, I revised my belief in where the world of marketing was headed, and I was late to the game.

Dan Kennedy gets a lot of flack about his supposed lack of interest in Internet marketing. His feet are firmly planted offline and his materials are directed toward this focus. Since he’s such a great writer, I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

What I’ve discovered is that successful offline strategy can be adapted to an online business. Read his books, check out his courses, and glean what appeals to you and what applies to your business. For his big ticket items, shop around and get an Internet focused program, unless you’re strictly offline.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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