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Almost all Internet businesses operate on the process called Direct Marketing. Internet businesses are placing advertisements, or using advertising methods online, that are created to provoke a reaction in the reader. This is Direct Marketing.

My ad copy asks you to perform an action; go to a website, sign up for a free newsletter or report, click on a link to learn more, and ultimately purchase from me. Then my goal is to retain your business.

Branding or brand recognition is another form of marketing and almost exclusively the game of the big boys, that is, those huge corporate conglomerates that can afford huge marketing campaigns to saturate you with their name and product through any media available. Branding works because when you shop you may be hunting for a particular label or designer. Think running shoes, think NIKE!

However, for you to cash in on the direct market revenues available today (one trillion dollars strong), branding isn’t necessary or smart on your budget. Direct marketing techniques are easy to learn, effective, and will work to drive traffic to you, and even better, grow a customer base.

Call me if you would like to know more. This is something anyone can learn with a desire to create financial and personal freedom. No quick fixes here, because after all, you are obtaining an education. That takes time, but the journey is only a step away.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

Gracie Bowers is an industry established leader in reviewing and critiquing home based businesses. Her website, on home based business opportunities, provides a wide array of insite on available programs. You can even view thebest home based business which she uses to make her money, allowing her to have free time to write!