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Here’s a company that I have a lot of respect for, but they’ve been in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission, so I’ll present both sides of the story.

EcoQuest International began as a company by breaking away from Alpine Technologies which was once Alpine Industries. I got recruited to attend an EcoQuest International meeting 2 years ago in the home of one of their distributors. Here’s the story. Alpine Industries founder, Bill converse, is a true genius. He is fanatically dedicated to clean air and came up with technologies for ion collection of air pollution and ozone purification and odor removal from air. He’s a man on a mission to clean the environment.

Now, EcoQuest International acts exclusively as the sales are of Alpine. The companies formed unique divisions in the year 2000 to broaden the company’s world wide environmental products exposure. Alpine Technologies is still the largest manufacturer of air cleaning systems anywhere, having sold over 4 million units, but had diversified research and development into water purification systems, wind power generation systems, and nutritionals.

What I will say about EcoQuest International and Alpine Technologies is they recognized a world wide need for the very things that sustain life. Here in the United States, we may not recognize the necessity of clean drinking water, clean air, and power sources beyond electric or gas in nature, but in other parts of the world, these are huge concerns. Here’s where EcoQuest International’s 150,000 come into play. For a $35.00 annual fee EcoQuest International will welcome you as a distributor.

Both Alpine Technologies and EcoQuest International have received high praise from Success Magazine and the Inc. 500. They have received note on one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

Here are two sources that came out to praise and endorse their products. In the 2001 World Series players from both teams, the New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks used the Infinity2 products for better performance during the game. And, who among us can forget the Chernobyl disaster in Russia? The Russian Minister of Health chose Infinity2’s Life Force Super Antioxidant to help the Chernobyl victims deal with health issues related to free radical damage.

And, when a group on independent do-it-yourself types, such as the Handyman Club of America, endorses Alpine’s Living Air™ and Alpine’s Living Water™ purifiers, that’s a solid recommendation on the quality of the units manufacturing quality.

Here’s why I like both EcoQuest International and Alpine Technologies. They make a lot of money, but as a faith based organization, they give back to communities. After 9/11, the company gave thousands of air purification systems to both New York City fire houses and the Pentagon.

Because Alpine Technologies is developing Wind Tree wind powered electric power generation for both home and commercial uses, I think we should all keep our eyes peeled. The company’s goal is to disconnect buildings from the existing power grids. I’m all for greater autonomy, so I’m following the progression of this product line closely.

So, after so many positive and obvious successes what could have possibly gotten EcoQuest International and Alpine Technologies in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission? A Federal jury rendered a civil penalty of $1.49 million dollars against Alpine for false statements about its ozone air systems. It seems the claims they were making couldn’t be proved. You can read more in the FTC files Numbers C-3614; X98005; Civil Action No2:97 CV509 ED Tennessee.

I hope that this lesson has driven home a point to them about the difference between a claim and an opinion. I do think that those of you who are sincerely passionate about nutritionals or environmental degradation would want to give EcoQuest International a good look.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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