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 As a budding entrepreneur, you are probably engaged with some money questions or issues. Money does not grow on trees, nor does it come with an instruction manual – so you must learn to grow your skills at managing and prevent yourself from breaking your wallet. You will have to set a budget and keep money management a top priority to keep your business functioning and give you a chance to make a profit.

	Excessive and questionable spending should be frowned upon and new entrepreneurs  will have to learn the difference between a needed and wanted item. A good buy  is something that an entrepreneur will buy, but in using this product, will increase  their sales and gain the money they spent. A bad buy is a purchase an entrepreneur  makes that they believe is important, but damages their profits and drains their  business funds.
	So how do you know what you should spend your money on before you make a deadly  mistake? You should consider each purchase's advantages and disadvantages. Will  new software increase your work habit? Will new tools improve your labor? Simple  questions from an outsider's point of view can help you solve many of these choices  - be cautious with your spending and be smart with your purchases to continue  on your new adventure of owning a business.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Ashley Spetter on 11/2/2009

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