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In business we often set out “goals” and objectives for our production.   I’d like to propose that those who truly succeed do not just set goals they set forth accomplishments.

A goal is something you desire.  It nags at you to work on it. It whines for attention and shoots you in the back when you don’t deliver.  Goals are nice to think about and write on the wall on January 1st but rarely do they make any movement in your life.

Accomplishments are different.

They grow from an idea to a burning desire.  They are the seeds of something you know you are to be in your life. You can call them accomplishments even before you can mark them off on the calendar as done because there is no way anything can stop you from getting them done. 

Finding your accomplishments begins by discovering your mission.  Missions don’t have to be some BIG task either.  They can be as simple as “provide a loving home for my 2 children”  or as complex as “earn more than enough to give my family a comfortable life so I can give to my favorite cause”.  

Sometimes our accomplishments can design our life mission.  For example in the case of Greg Mortinsen (Author of 3 Cups of Tea)  he had this accomplishment to build schools for girls in Afghanistan.  He knew it was something that had to be done and he could get it done.  It started small and with focus developed into a life mission that is changing the world we live in.

So what about you?

What are you driven to do?

What will be your gift to the world around you? 

The family or community you live in, or the world at large?

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This Entrepreneurship article was written by Marian Hobson on 4/23/2010

Marian has worked as a leadership coach for 10 years. She also enjoyed several years in advertising sales as well as successfully run her own businesses.

Since 2006 Marian has turned her focus to coaching parents on creating the career and business they dream of so they can have money and time to spend with their children (of all ages).