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Mr. Dieter Beer and his medical research peers conducted research on an initial product they chose to call Immunocal in early 1980. Gusto Bounous is now the Director of Research and Development.

Immunotec produces a number of products including:

  • Immunocal – claims it boosts the immune system with bonded cysteine, a building block for glutathione. The product is patented internationally.
  • Prycena – appetite suppressant and fat metabolizer uses a concentration of dairy calcium, fiber, and two micro-peptides.
  • Xtra Sharp – long lasting energy tonic that contains minerals and herbs to eliminate periodic fatigue: two flavors – Original and X-5 Fruit.
  • Grass Valley Whole Food Supplements – Orchard Blend (12 fruit combo) and Garden Blend (12 vegetable combo) in a capsule.
  • Magistral – prostate health care supplement.
  • Pure Milk Calcium – calcium supplement.
  • PNT 200 – naturally sourced bioactive milk peptide that affects GABA in the brain causing relaxation. Not a drug, no side effects, no contra-indications.
  • Skin Perfecting Cream – 10% Immunocal, emu oil, and Sodium PCA; beautiful skin over time.
  • Co-factor – Multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement designed to work with Immunocal.
  • Immunotech toothpaste.
  • Xtra Life – Pet supplement.

Immunotech provides distributors with:

  • Training, conference calls, training meetings, success forums.
  • Website – personal; requires monthly maintenance fee.
  • Promotions and incentives.
  • Customer service support- shipping, handling, questions.
  • Sales tools – CD presentations, sales catalogues, presentation flipchart, newsletter, and brochures.
  • Details provided at the site.

This is a MLM or network marketing opportunity. Commissions are paid on product sold, not distributors recruited.

  • Retail Sales – income is earned on the sale of product at retail that you purchase as a distributor at wholesale. Inventory may be an issue. 20% retail customer rebate qualification possible with Venture status (details at site).
  • ImmunotechDirect – autoship program with 25% discount to customer on 1st order, 40% on all subsequent monthly autoship orders. 20% rebate to you as distributor if Venture status achieved.
  • Chart details of commission, residuals, and geometric progression at site.

Products can be viewed online to determine what this means to you and your market. Leadership within the company is top-notch and very well organized. You can view the corporate profiles at the Immunotec Research website.

For more information, I invite you to visit the website. You will find in-depth information on the products, the company, and the business opportunity. You will find a complete review in the "Recommended Products" on this website.

You can also contact Eric Leclair, a successful Immunotec Research Distributor.


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