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Jason Potash has taken the age old idea of a resource library and applied it in an interactive, Internet forum. A visit to his website, Pick Their Brains, will provide the up and coming Internet marketing student with a collection of audio clips, seminars, and webinars from the best known Internet marketing gurus.

All the pertinent topics you’ll need to consider in creating a workable and successful marketing plan for your Internet business are in his site library. Topics include opt-in list generation, ezine publication, article marketing, joint ventures, and much, much more.

Jason Potash has great knowledge for ezine creators. He brought to market a software called Ezine Announcer. Ezine Announcer eliminates part of the work involved in ezine submission. The software submits to over 900 web resources with data you need to key in only once.

The mail merge feature in Ezine Announcer makes personalizing communication with Ezine directory owners and publishers a simple click.

Finally, Jason Potash helps Internet students create better sites and better copy by having experts critically examine existing websites to discover fatal flaws. Students learn the art of effective website marketing through the critiques at Web Copy Makeover.

Highly recommended, highly successful with a proven track record of successes in the real world, Jason Potash is a highly original and powerful voice among Internet marketers.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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