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Kunle Olomofe is a Russian working under what he describes as less than perfect Internet conditions in Moscow. He is, however, despite hardships, able to write one of the most powerful, well documented, packed full of great examples ebooks on the web today. We recommend you read Kunle Olomofe’s Pricing for Big $$$$$$.

Kunle Olomofe puts forth in easy to understand sequential steps a guaranteed, sure fire way to increase your yearly proceeds with the concepts of Cashflow Control. His table of contents covers such items as the Cashflow Control Chart (the entire Pricing 4 Big Dollars report), definition of Cashflow Control, how Cashflow dramatically changes your income, examples of marketing greats such as Mike Enlow, Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver, Sam Robbins, Joe Vitale, Dan Kennedy and others using Cashflow Control to as he puts it, “sleep like a baby.”

Kunle Olomofe also presents how Cashflow Control works with the search engines, how to determine your markets, how to find and create the right products for those markets, and how to test for the perfect price for those products. It’s a mind set of prosperity and we recommend the positive and self actualized message presented in Pricing for Big $$$$$$. For any of you that profess to be entrepreneurs the message in this book is without a doubt the key to a positive experience regardless of the outcome.

You can obtain your copy of Pricing for Big $$$$$$ by contacting Kunle Olomofe, President, ADTWIST Publishing, Peak Mindset Marketing at or you can telephone him at +7-095-246-2807. His address is 17 Tallinskaya Street, Apartment 313, Moscow, 123458, Russia in case you would like to write to him.

We paid $24.95 for this gem and got it through a reseller out of Malaysia. We do not know the retail price on the book if it is directly purchased through Kunle Olomofe. Regardless of what his asking price is, purchase it, read it, and life it and you will succeed! We guarantee it!


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