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Integris is a relatively new entrant into the health and wellness network (MLM), first appearing on the scene in 1994. It specializes in nutritionals. The website states that, “Integris will spare no expense in order to provide for you the best nutrition that science and nature have to offer. We have developed strategic alliances with the world’s foremost manufacturers, leading research scientists, and product formulators to accomplish this.”

Co-founded by both J. Larry Cantrell, President and CEO, and Dr. William R. Kellas, the management team has an impressive business and health background. The organization is distributor focused.

Products include:

  • E7™ – nutritional beverage mix that “addresses seven nutrient groups that are insufficient or missing in the average diet.”
  • CeL’Ace™ CLA Supplement that is a weight management product.
  • Kona Gold™ – deep sea trace mineral supplement.
  • Cleanzyme™ – digestive aid and intestinal cleanser.
  • Life Solubles™ – powdered rice bran soluble superfood supplement.
  • EverLasting™ – Cetyl Myristoleate supplement; regeneration formula.
  • EverLasting™Support – Glucosamine herbal supplement.
  • Methylate™ – vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Liv-Long™ – liver nutritional herbal support.
  • Don’t Weight™ – fiber and enzyme supplement.
  • The Only Whey™ – meal replacement protein shake mix.
  • NutraJuice™ – fruit and vegetable nutritional supplement.
  • Adeiu™ – revitalizing age defense night treatment skin cream.
  • Collastin™ Liniment – temporary muscle and joint pain relief cream.
  • IntegriTrim™- weight loss and management supplement.

Compensation Plan

  • Retail sales pay 25 – 35 % at point of sale. Suggested that inventory be kept on hand to satisfy customers.
  • Autoship Bonuses – see chart at website. Pay 25% and 5% five generations.
  • Unilevel Program – excludes Autoship bonus; pays according to monthly sales volume and size of personal Integris business.
  • Leadership Bonus Program – paid at Manager level once personal sales volumes and group sales volumes meet certain level (see chart at website).
  • Performance Pools – bonus program.
  • Auto Bonus – car bonus program.
  • Vacation Rewards.

Products may be perceived as pricey by some audiences. Integris can be found on the web at If health and wellness in a distributor organization are your passion, check Integris out. It has all the signs of becoming an important player in this market. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association.


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