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While not one and the same, many people lump games of chance into one of the above two categories.

Lotteries have made a lot of money for the states running them. The fact that people win the lottery keeps the die hard believers shelling out money for a chance at the good life. Today, state governments could not effectively operate without lottery revenues.

No one can teach you how to win the lottery. Don’t pay a dime to anyone for any product proclaiming such nonsense.

If you want to play the lottery, do so for fun or to support your schools. Yes, maybe you’ll get lucky or meet your destiny, whatever the case may be, but ignore anyone who wants your money to show you insider secrets. There are none.

Gambling is also the product of man’s desire to believe in luck, compete with others, and wager against odds. It falls into the same category as lotteries. Gambling is great for casinos, the entertainment industry, the lodging industry, the restaurant industry and the travel industry, but it is not good for your wallet if you have a serious belief that it is your ticket to riches.

No one is going to sell you a method or system to be successful at any game of chance. It’s just crazy if you think about. If I had such power, I’d go to my grave with the secret having lived a very good life.

Invest in yourself. The chances of you paying off are far greater. You can learn to create wealth in your life, but it will not be the product of chance.

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