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Mannatech was founded in 1994 and offers a one of a kind wellness solution based on real nutrition with glyconutritionals, vitamins, minerals, and necessary nutrients. Billing itself as a company of hope “looking for people passionate about providing answers in a world in need”. Currently, Mannatech has over 350,000 distributors (associates) in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, and Korea.

Mannatech uses “breakthrough technology that extracts nutrients directly from plants and delivers them to you in the form of convenient and effective supplements.”

Products include:

  • Advanced Ambrotose® – in bulk form promotes cellular communication and immune support; 75 grams retails at $76.18, wholesales at $69.25. This is a glyconutritional dietary supplement.
  • Ambrotose® – complex capsules promote cellular communication and immune support; 60 capsules retail at $35.50, wholesales at $32.15. This is a glyconutritional dietary supplement.
  • AmbroStart® – in bulk form promotes energy, contains Ambrotose®, and Mannatech 1001 Fiber™; 325 grams retail at $68.50 and wholesale at $$62.35.
  • MannaC™ – complex capsule histamine regulator for nasal and sinus health; 60 capsules retail for $35.50 and wholesale for $31.15.
  • Mannatonin™ – complex capsule with melatonin and Ambrotose® for relaxation, stress, and immune system balance; 60 capsules retail at $25.00 and wholesale at $22.70.
  • Glyco-Bears® – chewable with Ambrotose® is a children’s vitamin and mineral supplement; 124 count bottle retails at $22.50 and wholesales at @20.50.
  • EmPact® – in bulk form is a pre-workout sports drink with fructose and a metabolic intermediate dietary supplement; 360 gram canister retails at $35.50 and wholesales at $32.15.
  • GlycoLean® Body System – group of products for fat loss/weight management with long term maintenance of good health as objective.
  • AmbroDerm® – skin care lotion; 5 oz. tube retails at $35.50 and wholesales at $32.15. This is an emu oil with Ambrotose® lotion.
  • Emprizone® – Aloe with Ambrotose® moisturizer; 5 oz. tube retails at $35.50 and wholesales at $32.15.
  • Firm Lotion – toning, firming lotion; 6 oz. tube retails at $35.40 and wholesales at $32.15.

All Mannatech products are patented. They can be ordered either as a customer (member) or as an associate (distributor). Details about respective discounts in both categories can be found at the Mannatech website. Autoship monthly program offered.

The compensation program is well explained at the website, If you need help understanding it, email me and I will walk you through it or call a Mannatech distributor and get these details and other questions answered first hand from someone working this program. I feel you must be passionate about these products,and that you need to have used them to be passionate if you are to be a successful distributor.

Mannatech sales have exceeded 1.5 million since 1994. This is impressive. Mannatech is traded on NASDAQ and MTEX. The company supports a non-profit division called Manna Relief Ministries, a 300 + site organization around the world, that is dedicated to the wellness of medically fragile children.

Headquartered in Coppell, Texas, Mannatech is a member of both the United States and Canadian Direct Selling Associations (DSA). Members abide by DSA code standards making no statements or promises that might mislead either consumers or prospective sales people.

While I have heard that two of Mannatech’s founders have questionable pasts, this just remains a rumor until confirmed. I see nothing wrong with the program as stated on the website if health/wellness is an affiliate area you are interested in investigating. Find out how often you get paid and how.


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