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No one exploded as an Internet marketing presence like Mark Joyner. I like Mark Joyner and it would be a privilege to meet him. He makes me laugh. He is shamelessly about self promotion and why not? This may annoy some of you if you see him in person or read his materials, but for me, this is simply his method of doing business. On the Internet, there aren’t many personal relationships made like they are in the offline world where time and repeated connections lead to established business networks. The Internet is about instant gratification and you have to know this.

Mark Joyner has achieved what we all are after in this business – an amazing degree of financial success and recognition as an authority. Mark Joyner has taught me so much. I have listened, read and observed Mr. Joyner for a long time. I am sure he has no idea that a middle aged woman has him under the microscope.

Always pay attention to the big dogs. They aren’t worried about what I am doing, but I am very interested in their every move. And, no one is more interested in preserving their own hides than good Internet marketers. So, don’t just read what they sell. Mark Joyner has great material. What you don’t read or hear, you’ll find between the lines.

For all the tips you’ll need to succeed without having to guess, call me. I was fortunate to have a well known Internet marketer as my teacher. From him I learned to share all my knowledge. I will share my knowledge with you through written material, consulting, or seminar classes.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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