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Wouldn’t it be just great if we could find that perfect Internet marketer that knew it all? However, as with most professions there is specialization within the ranks. This means you have to sift through a lot of marketing “gurus” whose only wish is to differentiate themselves from the rest of the herd to find the really great teachers.

What sets Michael Campbell apart from the rest is that he actually researched and tested his marketing techniques before he tried to sell them to you. His first book, Revenge of the Mininet, will teach you how to set up an interconnected network to improve your ranking with the search engines. In his second book, Clickin It Rich, he discusses affiliate program promotions and how to do this from home. I am not a big fan of this topic and find his material simplistic. However, for those of you going this route he is providing very basic concepts that would be acceptable if you are entirely new to the Internet.

He stands in the middle ground of Internet marketers with me. I am keeping my eye on him to see if he rises to the top. He has that potential if he continues to use his experience as the basis for his work, and if he includes the needs of the advanced marketer when writing his next marketing book.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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