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Red Pill Entrepreneurship Introduction

This book is for those individuals contemplating owning or starting a business.  Information contained in Red Pill Entrepreneurship is not meant to cast a shadow of pessimism on entrepreneurship.  I love and have loved being an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship is not for everyone.  Over the years, I have felt a need to expose the reality of business to those who are wasting away their lives dreaming of having that “little shop” on the side of the road that they think will make them rich.  Not to say that it is impossible to become rich from a new business, but it is definitely requires taking a second look. 

My hope is that you can eagerly join me in recounting a stream of funny stories and broken dreams of multiple entrepreneurs.  Understand these stories not as bitter rants of failure, but as grand learning experiences.  Learning from such turbulent experiences will facilitate your building of a bigger and brighter future for yourself.  In short, setting foot on the right track now will allow you to finally live your dreams, or to change your dreams before it is too late.  Be prepared before the hand of reality smacks you senseless.

Your Dream

To begin, I want you to participate in a visualization exercise.  Vividly think about your dream to buy, start or join a business (in reality, this exercise can be done for any dream).  Close your eyes now and imagine that dream in detail.  In essence, dream your dream.  To help you get started extracting detail from your dream, start imagining the individual components.  What is the main goal of your business?  What is the product or service you are selling?  Does the image in your mind consist of a large office with modern furnishings, secretaries and assistants, and maybe a large boardroom with suit-clad business people negotiating a million dollar contract? 

Or, does your visualization include a restaurant, retail store, etc.?  Each of your dreams should be highly detailed and include imaginations similar to my colleague Tim’s.  Tim was a restaurant entrepreneur who imagined walking through the door of his eclectic restaurant with waiting customers filing out into the parking lot.  He imagined smiling at polite employees churning out thousands of dollars worth of food and pouring over a front-page newspaper feature that entailed his restaurant’s success in the local newspaper. 

Perhaps you are not visualizing so much the details of the business, but what you stand to gain from the future business.  For example, does your dream include buying whatever you want and having a comfortable life?  Some dream of having the prestige of talking about their business with friends and acquaintances.  Others find motivation in proving their success to naysayers who have opposed or have been cynical about their business aspirations.  Regardless of your dream, the act of dreaming is healthy.  Dreams allow us to achieve greater things.  As in all facets related to success, dreams need direction and some logic.  So, let’s develop a map for your dream using the information provided within Red Pill Entrepreneurship and establish some logic, if any.

Dream Or Medium To The Dream

In order to establish a direction for your dream, ask yourself the following question.  “Is having a business your dream or is having the benefits that are commonly linked to business ownership your dream?”  The idealistic benefits generally associated with business ownership for the average person consist of more money, more free time, more freedom, etc. than one would presumably have while working for someone else. 

Why is this distinction between your dreams focused on the benefits of the business or the business itself important?  The answer to this question will determine your levels of satisfaction and success associated with owning a business.  A true entrepreneur is one that loves his business and accepts the benefits and consequences.  Many of us just want the benefits.  If you are still unsure of your answer (benefits vs. love of the business), hopefully you will find your answer through Red Pill Entrepreneurship.  If you are sure of your answer, hopefully Red Pill Entrepreneurship can still give you more information to increase your chance of success.

While dreaming, it is common to overlook present opportunities.  Rather than improving current situations, dreaming entrepreneurs often look for change.  Hence, this benefit vs. business distinction is especially important to those (want-to-be-business-owners) who are looking forward to just the benefits of a business.  Change can be beneficial while trying to increase energy and passion, but you must be careful while initiating change.  Oscillating from opportunity to opportunity can be detrimental.  Each time one initiates change, there is a loss of focus and a need to start over. 

Carefully consider whether a business is the way or a way to achieve your dreams.   If not, assess what improvements and changes within your current scope or situation may be a more feasible approach before setting out to turn your life upside down.  Do not be afraid to change the medium of your dream!  Life is too short to jump around from failure to failure.

The Scope of Red Pill

Assuming that you have decided on owning a business, the experiences and advice contained within this book will be invaluable.  Red Pill Entrepreneurship gives an interesting perspective on some areas of business organizations commonly overlooked (consciously or subconsciously).  Some may find that they have been focusing too much on the dream of having a business and that all they really want is more money and more freedom.  These people will read some of the points within Red Pill and rethink their timing, preparation, and motivation behind owing a business.  While others may find that owning a business really does suit them well. 

The chapters of this book begin by assessing the motivations of having a business and follow through with key components of business ownership.  Application of the information provided could determine the shaping of the rest of your business career.

In an attempt to fully analyze the reality of your business dreams, write down, in as much detail as possible, your dream, as previously tasked to envision, in the space below.

In general, if your dream can be achieved in a day, week, or month then you need to rethink your dream.  Small, easily achievable goals are only practical if they aim toward a larger, long-term accomplishment.  Throughout this book, this larger goal will be assessed.  It has been said that you should shoot for the stars and you will capture the moon. 

Hard Fact: Just because a certain dream enters your mind, there is not anything that says that you should strive to attain it.  For example, I once thought I could sing, but it does not mean that I should or could become a rock star.  Fame of being a rock star may have been appealing, but singing is definitely not the way to achieve success for me. Trust me and trust all of the broken ear drums from my attempt at singing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this selection from Red Pill Entrepreneurship.  Please contact me to receive subsequent selections of the book.  This 8-part series will be released over the next few months.

This Entrepreneurship article was written by Benjamin David Lee on 2/10/2010

Benjamin is currently the Vice President of Customer Relations at an Excess and Surplus Insurance Company. On the side, Benjamin is a consultant. Over the years, Benjamin has owned several businesses which include Federation Marketing LLC, 5 Buck Pizza of Holladay, The Red Room Eastern European Cuisine, and Foamiture of Utah.