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I like this man. I am all for change in the world especially if it is well spoken, well written, and well taught. In Seth Godin, you have the best of the best. He is a formidable presence in the online world of marketing with so much good press and so many well written books, that you cannot afford to miss out on any of his titles. His focus in on people as changers of the work environment, marketing, and work as we create it. He is also a renowned speaker.

His titles include the famous Purple Cow, The Big Red Fez, Unleashing the Ideavirus, Survival is Not Enough, Free Prize Inside, and, the wonderful All Marketers are Liars. All of these books have been best sellers worldwide. Unleashing the Ideavirus was one of the most popular ebooks ever written. When over a million people want a title, it is well worth reading. Seth Godin has received so many accolades for his work that it is hard to keep up with all the "best" awards he has received. He addresses change as an avenue to wealth, discusses authenticity in business, and empowers individuals to awareness within organizations.

Seth received a prestigious distinction from Successful Meetings as one of 21 Speakers for the Next Century. He is a graduate of Stanford with an MBA and the founder of Yoyodine, a direct marketing company. His ideas are revolutionary because they make so much sense, and they challenge the world as we know it. This is man who sees the future and moves to transition us to it.

Read everything he has written as foundation knowledge for your own business. You can check him out online at You will enjoy the journey, and your success will be far sweeter if you understand the how and why of change. It is inevitable if you are to remain viable online that these concepts become part of your learning.

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