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When filling out your taxes, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, the majority of the money that you are giving to the federal government eventually goes to paying for many of the programs that you enjoy. The second thing is, however, that you are capable of getting money back from the government. This is called your maximizing your tax refund and with the right tools and mentality, it can be quite large.

The beautiful thing about taxes is that if you have enough taken out of your paycheck throughout the year, chances are you will get a heftier refund at the end of the year. A good measuring tool for this is to have about 30% of your paycheck go to the Federal Government. Come tax season of the next year, you are sure to get a larger refund. Another good tip is to use online software to maximize your refund. Companies like Turbotax and HR Block have software that is capable of analyzing your situation to maximize your refund. Exemptions for children, the elderly, and more are written deeply within the tax code allowing for you to take full advantage of them.

By utilizing software to maximize your refund you are also assuring yourself that there will be few mistakes made when filling out your taxes. One of the worst surprises is after filing your taxes and viewing your large check, you get a letter from the government telling you that it’s time to pay back some money. Using the software for the filing of taxes will make it easier for yourself and the government in the long run.

This Uncategorized article was written by Colby Almond on 3/23/2010