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How many times have you had a customer say to you; I’ve been shopping around and XYZ mortgage company can get me a better rate and won’t charge me any points.

well . . .

The lower rate might hold some truth to it

but lets face it . . .

Nobody works for free!

Here are three things you can do too win your customer over when faced with rate and pricing challenges.

1. Sell Yourself

When a customer is shopping around, the information they give you is usually false, because they are bluffing. You can’t blame them, they, like all of us, are looking for the best deal possible.

With this in mind, tell them what you can offer them based on what limited information they can provide you with.

During this process, stick to your guns, and give them all the information you can about as many products as you can, this will let them know just how knowledgeable you are, and you will earn their respect.

Don’t waste your time asking questions about the programs offered to them by other banks, and telling them the rate they were quoted was probably an ARM, they will find this an insult to their intelligence.

Be as courteous and honest as possible, tell them if XYZ bank can get them the rate they quoted you, than they should go with it, they will admire your honesty.

Finally . . .

Ask them for their name and phone number so you can follow up with them in a weeks time, and assure them that they can call you at any time with any questions or concerns they may have.

2. Availability

When confronted with the challenge of having to deal with your competitor’s lower rate, make your customer aware that although you might not be able to match the rate, what you can offer them is superior customer service.

If you take this route, you must be committed to it.

Let them know that they will be able to call you any time, night or day. You can start by giving them your office number, as well as your cell phone number.

Let them know that you will be more than happy to meet them one on one at your office, or you can arrange to meet them at their home at a time convenient for them.

Clients like to know that they have an advocate they can trust and depend on. Supplying them with this comfort zone means a lot to them, and more often than not will win them over.

3. Buying Time

Sometimes you need to buy time in order to prepare yourself.

When a prospective customer hits you with the rate obstacle, the challenge can be a tough one!

Tell your customer that the rate they have been quoted is a very good one, and that you would like to do some research to see if you can possibly come up with a better one.

Take their number and assure them that you will call them in no less than twenty-four hours at the most.

When you call them back, you will be prepared with the information you have gathered on the products you are going to introduce to them, along with possible rates. Even if you are unable to come up with a better rate, they will be impressed with your knowledge, and best of all, the effort you were willing to put forth!

Jay Conners is the owner of a a mortgage resource center for all mortgage brokers,lenders, and loan officers. He is also the owner of a mortgage lead company.

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This Financial Services article was written by Jay Conners on 8/19/2005

How many times have you had a customer say to you; I’ve been shopping around and XYZ mortgage company can get me a better rate and won’t charge me any points.well . . .The lower rate might hold some t