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The thought of purchasing an RV is in the minds of millions of American families, but many of them question if they can handle the finances or not. At this point, financing an RV is quite simple, and many borrowers offer attractive interest rates and flexible payment plans to help those interested families make their decision. However, families with bad credit seeking RV loans may need to rethink the attraction.


RV loan terms typically extend from 15 to 20 years, with the minimum down payment being nearly 12% of the total cost of the RV itself.  It doesn’t matter if the RV is purchased through a bank, dealer, credit unions, or family borrowers, sometimes the terms for a bad credit RV loan can be tremendous. However, if a family with bad credit is in the market for an RV, financing seems to be the way to go. First of all, financing the vehicle saves money. The rates are more affordable, but it is also smarter than tapping into family assets to pay down a large lump sum of money for the RV. Bad credit RV loans will allow you to be flexible in the payments as well as invest your money in other savings returning greater profit. Also, since the RV loans are held off for longer periods, this will mean lower monthly payments, even for the bad credit RV loans.


Also an advantage or bad credit RV loans are the tax advantages involved in the purchase. Even with a bad credit RV loan, the buyers will be able to use the interest paid on their loan as a deduction as a second home mortgage. In order to do this the RV must be used as security in the loan, not be rented out more than two weeks in a year, and have simple home facilities. These facilities include sleeping areas, toilets, and a kitchen. With all of these advantages in the bad credit RV loan, for some families it is possible for them to finance one and get on the road. However, everyone must always be sure they can afford the monthly payments.

This Financial Services article was written by Jennifer Trajan on 8/28/2008