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Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most magickal rooms in your house; Your make up box and medicine chest can be treasure chest of tools , the bathtub and shower are wonderful place to conduct cleansing and attraction rituals, and the toilet can be a handy mechanism for flushing away negativity.

Here are some examples of positive magick that can be performed in your powder room. First of all, though make sure your bathroom is clean and also make sure that you don¹t have a mirror facing or reflecting any drains or toilets. Feng Shui wisdom says that this doubles your chances of having your money go down the drain.

Would you like to attract a life long partner? Wiping down your mirror with a mixture of Rose Water and Orange Blossom water (found in most speciality cooking stores) is said to make you attractive to the opposite sex. If you don¹t have that, using your favourite perfume might work just as well…

You can also practice a little feng shui around your bathtub to attract a partner, by placing two rubber duckies in the southwest corner of the tub. Ducks represent mates in Chinese lore. You can also buy little glasses and soapdishes that already have little ducks floating inside them if you want to be more subtle…

Need to do well in that job interview. Spearmint (a herb ruled by mercury) is supposed to make you more eloquent, witty and charming. Toothpaste or mouthwash flavoured with spearmint might help you find exactly the right words to say to impress your boss.

Trying to win the heart back of that difficult ex boyfriend? Carve his initials into a bar of soap. It is best if the soap bar is pink or red in colour. Picture the soap as being the hostility or issues between you, and as the soap dissolves, as you rub it all over your body, picture all resentments and hatred between you getting smaller and smaller. An advanced version of this spell would be to actually carve it in the shape of the person, carve the initials and run it under the tap on and off for a couple of days until the bar is completely dissolved.

Another glamoury spell, (a spell to make yourself beautiful) involves taking a copper scrubber and rubbing your body (gently) down with it while you are in the shower. Copper is the metal of Venus and said to change your vibration so you can attract a lover.

One can also use various bath gels and soaps to achieve different magickal results. Remember, the magick is all in the intention while you use the product. For instance, a honeysuckle flavoured bath or soap can help keep a lover or fiancee faithful. Jasmine soap can be used to help keep you and nobody else on a lover¹s mind. Orange soap is for joy, fun and wild abandon. Mint soap is for sexual attraction, intelligence and charm. Rose scented soap can be used to attract new love or keep present love still attracted. Rosemary scented soap or bath gel is used to improve business or communication. Lime flavoured soap or gel is used to stop obsessive thoughts, chill out desire and help you concentrate on the tasks at him.

If you are feeling really sick, or like you are under astral attack, a bath in a half a cup of seasalts mixed with half a cup of baking soda is said to purify the aura of unwanted energies.

Kissing a kleenex and leaving the lipstick print of your mouth on the kleenex and tucking it into your boyfriend¹s pocket might be a good way to keep him faithful. If he has been using your hairbrush, pluck a few hairs out of the comb, twine it with your own and knot it nine times. This is a form of a binding spell, to keep his fleshly form always in sync and attached to your own.

Then there is the fine art of flushing your troubles away. Write your oppressor¹s name on a piece of toilet paper or kleenex, and while keeping your thoughts on the perpetrator, flush it down the toilet. If you want something more dramatic, follow it with a bit of baking soda mixed with vinegar effect so that the toilet temporarily represents a bubbling cauldron. Goodbye sorrows! Goodbye troublemaker. Goodbye bad ex boyfriend…FLUSH….

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Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most magickal rooms in your house; Your make up box and medicine chest can be treasure chest of tools , the bathtub and shower are wonderful place to cond